Are you getting started and unsure of where to take your brand? Time for a fresh new look for your brand? With our menu of brand development services, we work closely with you to bring your brand vision to life. Whether a large organization seeking a roadmap to a new brand identity or an entrepreneur looking for a partner in developing a brand, we tailor our approach to match your needs and budget. The result is an extensive brand guide that sets the path forward for your brand.


With every client, we take a deep dive into the brand and the market we are looking to impact. Working together, we analyse your target consumer base and what they value. We articulate your brand’s core values and how it positions itself in the relevant market. With this knowledge in hand, we then develop your brand’s look, feel and sound. Logo, fonts, storytelling – it’s all there. But what good is all of that without a little guidance? We develop guidelines for when and how to use all of the components among the types of documents and in-house collateral you will ultimately create. With this, you and your employees will be able to maintain brand consistency and tell your amazing story to everyone you welcome through the doors.


Our services are always tailored to meet your needs. A brand guide includes:


  • Storytelling

  • Brand Positioning

  • Colour Study and Brand Colours

  • Typography Study and Brand Fonts

  • Logo

  • Tone of Voice Guidelines

A partner for the brand development of your café, restaurant or hotel

When you hire Brandchef from Amsterdam to take care of the brand development of your café, restaurant or hotel, you arrange the ingredients and we take care of the rest. Whether you work in a large organization that can use help in the search for a new brand identity or are a (small) entrepreneur who needs a sparring partner in developing a brand. We tailor our tactics to your wishes, needs and budget.

This is how we conquer the market together

With our brand development services, we immerse ourselves in your brand and analyze the market we want to conquer with your cafe, restaurant or hotel. Together we analyze the audience you want to reach and we investigate what they find important. In addition, we look at how you can best propagate the core values of your brand and determine your position in the market. Based on this knowledge, we develop the look, feel and sound of your brand. Logos, fonts, the storytelling: you ask and we run. And don't panic, you won't suddenly be alone. When you engage us for support with the brand development of your café, restaurant or hotel, you count on continuous support with your brand design . We develop guidelines to help you use the ingredients – in everything you create in your own kitchen after this. This makes it a piece of cake for you and your employees to consistently and proudly announce your strong story, wherever and whenever.

Your wishes are our starting point

Our services relating to the brand development of, for example, your café, restaurant or hotel, are always fully tailored to your wishes. A brand guide includes:

  • Storytelling

  • Brand positioning

  • color study

  • typography study

  • Logo

  • Tone of voice

Work with us

May we be of service to you in the brand development of your café, restaurant or hotel? Or do you want support in putting your drink brand on the map through drink brand marketing ? We are happy to provide you with all the ingredients you need to make your brand stand out, just like we did at Brasserie de Canette , for example. If you are interested in our services, please contact us by sending an email to or by calling +31 20 7521 751 . It is also possible to leave a message via the contact form on the homepage.